Jokamachi Kanazawa loop Bus


Jokamachi Kanazaw loop bus.jpg

We recommend walking Kanazawa city as an instrument of sightseeing.
Major tourist facilities of kanazawa are within  about 2 kilometer radius from central district.

However, Kanazawa city have loop bus for sightseeing.
This bus “Jokamachi Kanazawa loop Bus” are running every 12 minutes from Kanazawa station .
There are tourist facilities near bus stop. (Kanazawa loop bus route map)

You can take “Jokamachi Kanazawa loop bus” and route bus ( within 200 Yen interval ) as many times as possible .
One day ticket is 500 Yen.
You can buy  “one day ticket” in the loop bus (ask to driver) .

Inquiry : Hokutetsu Telephone Information Service Center (Tel. 237-5115)