Omicho Market is located behind our ryokan.
So,we can buy fresh seafood and vegetable every day.

Our meals are not gorgeous,
however we cook with intention.
I hope you’ll enjoy !

Sumiyoshiya’s breakfast

Would you like breakfast ?
Our breakfast provide between 7:00 and 9:00 am at the dining room.
Please,start the day out with a robust breakfast
Of course, we can prepare Western style breakfast too!

Sumiyoshiya’s dinner


Would you like to have dinner at our ryokan?
We go to Omi-cho Market evry day and cook.
You can eat fresh “sashimi” and “grilled fish” etc….
However, if you can’t eat “sashimi”,please tell us while reservation.
We are happy to change the other dish !

Assorted Sashimi

Our guest specially ordered us assorted sashimi.
This photo is 5~6 servings. (fee is about 10000 Yen)

If you want to eat such “assorted sahimi”, please tell us when you make a reservation.
We are happy to prepare it!